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PASTOR:    Jason Logan and family

Short Biography - Pastor Jason Logan

Jason was born in New Porte Richey, Florida on Nov. 27, 1978.  He was the fourth of six children.   Within a year of his birth his family moved to Newcastle, Wyoming where he grew up and his parents still live today.  This is also where he met his wife, Grace, who was his high school sweetheart.

Shortly after they were married Jason enrolled in the Black Hills Mission College of Evangelism.  There, Jason went through a course on Evangelism and also stayed on for a course in pastoral training.  It was during the pastoral training course that the Revelation Promises Hope evangelistic team was started.  Jason was a part of this team doing full time evangelism for about three years in large cities across the U.S.

Soon after their first child, Abigail, arrived they felt the need to settle down somewhere and focus on raising their family.  They ended up in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan doing Bible Work.  It was there that their son, Gideon, was born.  Jason was offered a job to be a western sales and service representative for Messersmith Manufacturing Inc.  He worked for them 10 years.  While working for them he was relocated back to the great state of Wyoming.

In moving back to Wyoming Jason teamed up with a friend to reopen the Sundance SDA Church.  Jason co-lay pastored and eventually lay pastored the Sundance Church for about a two year period.  This is where their third child, Afton, was born.  It was then that they moved back to his hometown of Newcastle.

Shortly after moving back to Newcastle, Jason was diagnosed with cancer.  He was 27 at that time and ended up having another bout with the cancer a year and a half later.  As a result Jason stepped down from all church leadership for a time.  He was then asked to be the head elder of the Newcastle SDA Church.  Eventually, this opened up an opportunity for Jason to become a part-time pastoral assistant for the Newcastle Church.

From a very young age of Jason believed he would someday be a pastor.  God has led him down a very non-traditional route to fulfill that calling in his life.  It was just at a time in Jason’s life where he started to accept that God may have other plans for his life that he was pursued with the offer to become the pastoral assistant for the Newcastle church.  A year and a half after becoming the pastoral assistant Jason received a call from the Rocky Mountain Conference concerning the position as the pastor of the SW District of Wyoming pastoring 5 churches.  After ministering in SW Wyoming for about two and a half years Jason received a call to come and Pastor two churches, Greeley and Elm Haven, which he is currently ministering in.
Jason considers it one of his greatest privileges and an honor, as well as a pleasure to minister to God’s children. 

It is with great humility that he daily seeks God’s guidance and wisdom in how to effectively minister on His Savior’s behalf.  Jason and his family look forward to God’s continued leading in their future and pray that they can continually be used for the growth of God’s kingdom.

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