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17-08-26 Pastor Logan The Battle for Souls.MP3
17-08-12 Pastor Logan Peace Beyond.mp3
17-07-22 Pastor Jason - He Brought a Sword.mp3
17-07-08 Pastor Logan Final Warnings.mp3
17-06-24 Pastor Logan Keeping the Quiver Full.mp3
17-05-27 Communion.MP3
17-05-14 Pastor Jason.mp3
Pastor Jason Logan.mp3
Pastor Jason Logan.mp3
Pastor Jason Logan.mp3

17-10-21 ACS Kids Singing - Eric Aakko Plant Strong - Evidence and Consequence.mp3
17-10-14 Pastor Steve Snow Friendship.mp3
17-10-07 Jeff Neidigh Life Is Precious.mp3
17-09-30 Jerry Oster The Sabbath Keeps Us.mp3
17-09-23 Abby Logan - The Gift of Prophecy.mp3
17-09-16 David Dennis - Blessings of Living Water.mp3
17-09-09 Summer Experiences - Shiloh Howard & Abby Logan.mp3
17-09-02 Marvin Howard - Pray Daniels Prayer.mp3
17-08-19 Jerry Oster - Do Not Resist.mp3
17-08-05 Chase Rodriguez - Root 66 - Rightful Heir.mp3
17-07-29 Jerry Oster From Doubt to Faith.mp3
17-07-15 Alex Alves All things are possible with God.mp3
17-07-01 David Dennis Choose Your Ancestors Wisely.mp3
17-06-17 Austin Rotinsulu 2nd Coming of Jesus.MP3
17-06-16 Xander Assa Forgiven.MP3
17-06-15 Jessica Davis Forgiven.MP3
17-06-14 Kayla Gonzalez A New Life Baptism.MP3
17-06-12 Abby Logan Sabbath.MP3

17-06-11 Kendrick McGrew God's Plan to Save Us.mp3
17-06-03 Jerry Oster.mp3
17-05-27 Communion Story Doyle Dick.mp3
17-05-27 Communion.MP3
17-05-06 Pastor Stan Hagen.mp3
17-04-29 David Dennis.MP3
Eric Stennbacken.mp3
Dave Dennis.mp3
Jeff Neidigh.mp3
Jerry Oster.mp3


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