Freedom to Love


New Freedom to Love

July 21 & 22


JULY 21 & 22ND


Hensel Phelps Theater 

701 10th Ave.


What is New Freedom to Love?

New Freedom to Love is a live seminar for Christians designed to bring educational awareness to the issue of pornography usage.

As Christians, we believe in God as our Creator. He created every part of us; every aspect of our bodies and minds, and He designed us to be in relationship with each other. 

Porn isn't bad because of a quaint sensibility that it's "dirty." Porn is bad because it harms our ability to love and be loved in the way that is best for us and others. Porn hinders our ability to give and receive love as God wants us to. As He, in fact, designed us to.

The pervasiveness of pornography in modern society is staggering. And it doesn't stop at the church doors. Statistically, half of our church members are impacted by pornography. And with the average age of first exposure in the U.S. being 11 and dropping, clearly it doesn't stop at the doors of the family home either.


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